Here comes a new ray of hope fighting challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic

Overcoming COVID-19 crisis in Aviation and the upcoming adaptation of “new normal”, will surely make tough challenges upon comeback operations. So, how did coronavirus affect a flying school? More than a month ago, a huge outbreak started to dominate the Philippine Islands. A massive change came forth as establishments, government offices, banks, etc. closed its doors in accord to the Philippine government’s call to reduce reported positive cases of COVID-19. Enhanced Community Quarantine was announced which led to General Aviation’s temporary ceased operations including Cheynair Aviation.

As our Pilots were splurged into drastic change, some made their move to volunteer as front liners while others offer oneself to deliver Medical Supplies to corresponding regions who need most remediable essentials fighting the virus – including Cheynair Aviation’s CEO Captain.

Flying became one essential norm to our Pilots – not only for our instructors, but especially for our red tail students. Though the challenge of not practicing in actual was there, our students cure themselves in feeding one’s mind through flight simulation and online classes. By exposing to new trends on aviation despite the surmounting stories of COVID-19, they have proved that Passion doesn’t end when the world’s time stops to ticking.

In an aim to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, necessary extension was made. Days became weeks, then came month, and now that ECQ slowly to lift, a mere realization curate in majority’s being not only for those in aviator profession :


No, we can’t utter the word “cliché” as of the moment. This Pandemic truly taught us that nothing more indicates significant worth than best of health. We are so caught up by our own responsibilities in work (flying), business, home that we treat with inattention our thrived well-being. For over the years, none of us knew something like this, would happen.


Everything is temporary, including your life. Yes, on a brighter note we should express gratitude that through this (though unlikable virus), we had our chance to spend more time on ourselves, with our family and everyone around us. We read the book, we longed to open. We had fun spending days with our lovable pets. We learn more than of what we know by browsing the internet. We thought of investing for greener pastures. In a nutshell, we discover more of ourselves, which doesn’t come out in nature easily. And all of these realistically came out because we had the TIME – and that surely gives us all a credit.


Our people have our own state of being dissimilar or different, but, this pandemic establish existence of a quality disposition of being humane not only in Philippine nation but across the globe. Front liners risk lives to protect the mundane community. The generous behavior, compassion and sympathy disregard racial disputes, social rank, gender bias et al. Our health worker’s effort will never be futile, together – we shall heal as one.


United Nations chief urged religion leaders to coalesce by imploring innate prayer to stop COVID-19. Despite of diversities, we are called to join forces and work for peace defeating the pandemic. We all have our own devoted beliefs and this trial taught us to unitedly overcome challenges we are facing through strong manifestation of faith and hope.


Cheynair Aviation is highly committed to support the fight against and overcome COVID-19 crisis not only in aviatio, but the whole country to world over. The “new normal” law set by the Philippine Government may bring a paradigm shift most specifically in the Aviation Industry. The Red Tail team has been prescribing strict adherence for correct etiquette and precedence abiding the new regulated way of living. With this, to readily welcome and direct course for swift recovery of Cheynair Aviation flight school operations, here’s handy reminder of safety protocol list to be followed inside premises:

PHYSICAL DISTANCING – Mandatorily maintain a minimum of 1-2meter distance from conversing individually to avoid encounters perhaps close contact with carrier or positive patient of COVID-19. Keep a meter space from yourself to other people, be it in public or home as preventive measures to shun spread of the contagious disease. This unfamiliar societal context will be one mandated consistence under HB 6623. It requires the general public to exercise physical distancing from public transportation to the workplace.

WASH HANDS AND PRACTICE BEST HYGIENE – Establish clean body personage and maintain hygienic routine that are conducive to health. As COVID-19 virus known to be passed through the eyes, nose and mouth; washing hands often will be on habitude. To use anti-bacterial soap and washing hands through counts of 30 secs in minimum is advised. Administer yourself to come after the hand rule for clean and safe environment.

WEAR MASK – Wearing mask will be required throughout the country as soon as we are to shift on General Community Quarantine. Every citizen and residents are encouraged to wear mask most importantly on public spaces.

LIMIT SOCIAL GATHERING – Avoid unnecessary events or social activities which will create a buzz contact or interaction with people. As much as possible, cancel any parties or gathering you have planned or lessen the crowd and execute social distancing of course.

House Bill 6623

House Speaker Cayetano said that order to prepare and educate the public for life after lifting ECQ restrictions, they have institutionalized the adaptations of new norms. It will ensure the restoration of livelihood opportunities and sources of income for all. The “new normal” provides the following specifics:

(a) universal and mandatory safety measures, such as the mandatory wearing of masks in public places and the mandatory social distancing,.

(b) management and regulation of government-managed public spaces and privately-managed spaces,

(c) management of public transportation,

(d) monitoring of schools and learning institutions, and € monitoring of private commercial and industrial workplaces.


Ensuring safety for our staff, students and instructors, we have provided measures to assure operating extent which free from harm resumption. Following the implementation, Cheynair Aviation Pilots et al will be protected from dangerous threats of COVID-19 and with abidance of the enforced “new normal”, we shall together overcome the trials given by this pandemic and fly higher in surety. – Soon!

Build a paramount of positivity, prepare for the excitements you are to experience and don’t forget to bring the Pilot dream with confidence! We are to set a new era of Proficient Aviators in the Industry! MAKE A BLAST WHEN FLIGHT OPERATIONS COME FORTH – FLY with CHEYNAIR AVIATION!

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