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Cheynair Aviation provides one the highest quality in Ground Courses and Flight Training for potential Pilots

The license you need to able to fly an aircraft as a STUDENT. Flight time to reach will be 40 to 50 hrs or up to when you hold Private Pilot License already. Student Pilot License (SPL) is valid until 2 years, necessary requirements to get this on process are the following:

At least 17 years of age
At least a High School Graduate
Holds 2nd Class Medical Certificate
Birth Certificate
NBI Clearance
Student’s Visa
1 pc. 2×2 picture

SPL release will be in time start of the Flight Training. (This shall be in process while the student is currently on GROUND Class)

Becoming a Pilot is a step by step process. From Zero hours to next, Private Pilot should be in take first before anything else. Holding the Private Pilot License, you are allowed to operate and fly an aircraft for private and recreational purposes. You may carry passengers or rent aircrafts or rent private planes but cannot be compensated for the services as a pilot.

Duration                   : Four- Six months

Hours to build           : 40hrs + 1 (Min requirement)

Cessna 152 (Flight Time)

PIC/Solo                   : 20hrs

X Country                 : 10hrs (5hrs dual + 5hrs PIC)

2-150 NM                 : (1 dual + 1 PIC)

Commercial Pilot License serves as password key to get paid and compensated as a Pilot. Pre-requisite for Commercial Pilot is a Private Pilot License. If the goal is to have career as a Commercial Pilot; you need to be part of an Approved Training Organization (ATO) and pass all Exams with Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines or CAAP to hold license/certificate.

Commercial Pilots, are allowed to work and fly an aircraft. They may carry cargo and passengers and get paid for it. They can also become a flight instructor, a charter pilot or even a cargo pilot. If you really want to have a stable career in aviation, you will have to be a Licensed Commercial Pilot. Once you have gained more flight hours and have experienced with modern flight instruments and equipment, you’ll have more chance of working for a big airline company.

Duration                   :

Hours to build           : 160hrs + 1 (Min Requirement)

Cessna 152               : 145hrs

PA 28                       : 15hrs + 1 hr (Additional Rating)

SIM                          : 5hrs

X Country                 : 50hrs

PIC/Solo                   : 70hrs

2- 300 NM                : (1 dual + 1 PIC)

Got the call to inspire co-passionate Aviators? Acquire Ground and Flight Instructor License with Cheynair Aviation’s GI/FI Course. Mold and harness the future generation of Pilots and make them Proficient as your roots.

Learn from the Industry’s most competent Instructors the ethics of being an effective GROUND and FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR! Proficiency rather than Hours logged, that’s the most essential Mantra to set. We let our Students FLY their HOURS.

An applicant for a flight instructor initial certification practical test is required by the Civil Air Regulations to:

  1. have passed the appropriate flight instructor written test(s) since the beginning of the 24th month before the month in which he or she takes the practical test;
  2. hold a commercial pilot or airline transport pilot certificate with an aircraft rating appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought;
  3. hold an instrument rating if applying for an airplane or an instrument instructor rating;
  4. have the prescribed aeronautical experience and instruction for a flight instructor certificate with the rating sought;
  5. have reached the age of 18 years; and
  6. obtain a written statement from an appropriately certificated and qualified flight instructor certifying that the applicant has been given flight instruction in the items required by FAR Section 61.187 (a) in preparation for the practical test within 60 days preceding the date of application. The statement shall also state that the instructor finds the applicant component to pass the practical test and that the applicant has satisfactory knowledge of the subject area(s) in which a deficiency was indicated by the airmen knowledge test report

Cheynair Aviation Training Services Inc. deemed in all aspects with PCAR Part 2 relating to the use of Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) King Air 350 Type Rating and Recurrent Training for Professional Pilots. Accredited by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines; Beechcraft King Air 350 is Certified EASA FNTPTII + MCC and is thoroughly maintained by Softeksim Latvia.

As one of the most promising Flying/Pilot School plinth in Mactan Cebu, Philippines; Cheynair Aviation is the only Training Academy providing the Type-Rating and Intial Course for Beechcraft King Air 350. Hence, the Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) marked out to procure team skills in Modern-day operational multi-crew flight deck aims assiduous flying to current CPL/IR and ATPL/IR holders.


Training Course

The MCC training is conducted by Cheynair Aviation team synthetic flight instructors, with an international experience of thousands hours in airline environment. The flight simulator used for the training is a FNPT II-MCC made by SoftekSim and it represents a twin-turboprop aircraft Beechcraft 350 King Air. The  student pilot must   spend   at  least  a  few  hours   preparing  an  MCC session  before   arriving  at  the airport; this Coursel will assist him/her to be better prepared.

[By EASA definition the MCC course is a ‘non technical course’ – our device is the perfect platform to acquire all the necessary CRM skills from the MCC course. Don’t load yourself up completing your MCC course in an unrealistically complex type orientated simulator – you will not get the core benefits of the course, you will be far too involved in operating the airplane, therefore detracting from all the core CRM skills that recruiting airlines look for in their assessments. Our KA350i Sim is the perfect match with our hugely experienced industry expert instructors.

  Device Time  
Theoretical Instruction/ Self Study Training Classroom at least 25 hrs  
Flight Training Flight Simulator 20hrs  


Pre-entry Requirements

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines had recently established the following requirements Philippine Civil Air Regulation Part 2. Cheynair Aviation does not have the authority to waive these requirements. Even if you have trained with us previously, the copies in your records will not suffice. You must present current original documents for each course, every time you attend. Consequently, the following documentation must be presented on the first day of training or you will not be allowed to train – there are no exceptions.

Citizens:                                                                                                                                Non-Filipino Citizens

Pilot Certificate                                                                                                                          Pilot Certificate

Medical Certificate                                                                                                                     Medical Certificate

A current valid Passport                                                                                                             Valid Passport

OR A Birth Certificate (with a raised seal) and a picture identification

Other additional Immigration and CAAP requirements that must be met. Please contact Cheynair aviation for these additional requirements at least ninety (90) days prior to course attendance.

Additional training and instruction requirement for Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) is the Instrument Rating. Intensive flight in reference with Instruments will be in uphold in the Training. In order for you to fly without leaning just in Visual Flight Rules (VFR), take a step of advancement in CHEYNAIR AVAITION’s PCATD Ver. 2 Simulator. Complex rules and procedures with such as intersection hold with gusty winds, realistic instrument or systems failures is analyzed and replayed. By mastering these skills on the ground, students can cut significantly into the time and cost of traditional flight training.

Instrument Rating Ground Couse                          60 hours

Simulator Training                                                  31 hours

Cherokee PA-28                                                     10 hours

Want to fly higher and faster? Grab your Multi-Engine Rating with Cheynair Aviation’s Beechcraft Baron 58! Aiming for that Airline dream will be enjoyable yet expensive experience to endure. The road for getting ME rating is a necessary step for a Pilot to be more proficient and competent. It focuses a lot of attention on aircraft operations, performance and control exceeding the usual training topics.

Further than system, controls and performance, a multi-engine rating is easy. This is a great challenge to deal once engine fails, it’ll test your knowledge with twin-engine aircraft that is an essential training for a professional pilot.

Ground Briefing & ME Equipment Qualification Course                     4 hours

Beechcraft Baron 58                                                                           11 hours


Valid 1st or 3rd Class Medical Certificate
Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
English Language Proficiency (ELP) Test (Level 4 minimum)
Valid Radiotelephony License (NTC)
At least 18 years old
Special Study Permit (SSP) for foreign students
CPL or IR Holder