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There are things that are not intended for people. No matter how much you choose to be on that path, a calling from your passion and heart desire will always knock on your core. Lucky are those who are able to identify and acknowledge what they really wanted to do in life at early age. Some people are still in bewilderment of which to take on or what road to hop in.

Here’s a story of how a sweet teen from Liceo Cagayan took step to enter World of Aviation.

Capt. Nicole Castro
First Solo release – RPVH (Hilongos, Leyte) 0109 Zulu Time

It was never an uncommon scenario for Capt. Nicole Castro, one student of Cheynair Aviation to hear words such as, “Why being a Pilot?”, “You can do much better if you’re a cabin crew”, “Being a flight attendant suits you best” etc. Given that she really is distinguished to become one because of her physical psyche and intellectual performance. Some assume it was just purely about the view up there, others say perhaps being inspired by her colleagues and such.

RPVM (Mactan) Taxiway

We arranged an interview in verbatim with Capt. Castro and asked her few questions. Here’s a short inspiration how this tall beauty decided to hold yoke and maneuver and aircraft herself:

Why become a Pilot?

“Back in childhood, my dream profession was really to become a Journalist. I wanted to become TV newscaster or broadcaster on radio etc. But then, everyone in my circle including my Mom encouraged me to study course which will make me become a Flight Attendant (thanks to my genes and height haha). My curiosity in Aviation started and I was in awe with how the industry works. That’s where becoming a Pilot comes in. I was imagining how it feels to touch controls and maneuver an aircraft myself, how the view up there can truly take one’s breath away or see the world in an unusual office setting, or perhaps how would it be; in shoes of those wearing neat uniforms with four-striped epaulette. Everything was just a fascination not until I got the financial support of my parents, my passion for FLYING continue”.

Who aspire you?

“My dad. He was first to introduce the world of Aviation in my life. I was hooked with how he tells his words with urge which left me so eager enough to enroll in an Aviation School. My mom was not really into favor about the whole thing (the career I wanted to have) in the beginning but still, she supports me whole-heartedly after she saw how much I really love it and serious about the track I want to walk on. I thanked my mom so much”.

Flying Cheynair Aviation’s red tail Cessna

How do you manage class, flying and extra-curricular activities? (Considering you’re well achiever in both classes)

“Fortunately, I’m well good in managing my time. I’m having my University classes in a different school to attain Bachelor’s Degree and at the same time doing Pilot Training in Cheynair Aviation. Also I have school events to attend/organize sometimes and numerous academic reports every semester. My way of coping with all these I guess is discipline. If you just discipline yourself on things you need to prioritize or identify which task to do next, then everything will surely turn out fine.”

Spotting depth marble of oceans while maneuvering Cheynair Aviation aircraft.

Why Cheynair Aviation?

“When I moved in Lapu-Lapu City, I was introduced to lots of Aviation Schools. Yes, it was quite challenging given that I have plenty list to consider in thoroughly finding flight school, which, I’ll be gaining not only knowledge and skills but also an ease of contentment with what I invest. I research a lot, then crossed about Cheynair Aviation. What I know at first was it’s one another school in General Aviation Mactan that offers flying courses and aircraft ratings. Never had I thought I’ll be part of The Red Tail family as soon as I visit the facility on my first because of how everyone made me feel. I was at home. I felt everyone’s passion in doing their job with kindness and from the heart. The great camaraderie among staffs and approachable instructors etc. were some of the main reason why it’s Cheynair. “

What’s your greatest challenge so far?

“It’s actually funny how I see my partner as a challenge right now other than him being also an inspiration. He’s having his flight hours on build also, just for everyone’s information. Like me, he’s also a goal-oriented individual and really does his best to acquire Commercial Pilot License. He’s studying in a different flying school way before yet he’s very supportive with my flight lessons in the other school. He’s my constant reminder of becoming better than my best. The challenge is gaining more knowledge and building more room for improvement in order to create most proficient Pilot inside me.”

Any advice for those who would want to join Aviation?

Put down your guard and follow your heart’s desire. If the passion is within you, no one can stop you. Don’t be just someone whom others expect you to be, embrace yourself. Know your goal and follow through it. Lastly, don’t give up. Keep Striving.

-Capt. Nicole Castro (Tsurumaki)
Cheynair Aviation’s student (Road to Commercial Pilot)

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