Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – The Journey

For quite years, Capt. Charie Anne Vosotros have been a Certified Flight Instructor under Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) standardization. She have been flying with numerous students, instructors and check-pilots right after she started her career as a Pilot. Getting the License itself is is a great challenge especially in the Philippines being known as a third-world country. Not all are being blessed to step their “Pilot” dream into reality. Here’s a short look-backs on how Captain Vosotros able to jump off the hurdles and made her passion as profession.

Capt. Charie Anne Vosotros 

Certified Flight Instructor

Cheynair Aviation

Tell us your story;

Where did the Pilot dream started?

“Spray Planes in Davao. Aside from its famous Durian, Davao is blessed also with both Banana and Pineapple plantation. Seeing Spray planes everyday get to give curiosity on me as a child back then. I was wondering how they fly and how they are able to shoot fertilizer in a low flight. Years past, I somehow realize that Agricultural Pilots are somehow one hero in world of Aviation. The risky task is really breath-taking, and they surely deserve huge respect because on how they give part not only in Aviation industry but also in Agriculture.”

(FILES) Picture taken on April 22, 2008 of a crop duster plane spraying fungicide to protect the 7,000 hectare banana plantation of Tagum Agricultural Development Co. from destructive leaf virus in Tagum in Davao del Norte province, located in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. Farm chiefs have a narrowing chance to diversify vital crops at rising threat from drought, flood and pests brought by climate change, food researchers warned on October 3, 2011. The world’s nearly seven billion people are massively dependent on a dozen or so crops that, thanks to modern agriculture, are intensively cultivated in a tiny number of strains, they said.
AFP PHOTO/ROMEO GACAD (Photo credit should read ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images)

“Knowing the somehow danger in Aerial Spray jobs (crop duster), I decided to focus my attention on other stuff. But then, an adventure-taker spirit on me jumped out and decided to apply for Air Force instead. I was good to go already but yeah, parents are always parents and I was not approved to go further by them.” Capt. Cha said.

Why fixed-wing training?

“Rotary is luxurious. I’m really into Helicopters to be honest. Unfortunately, I cannot suffice further budget for it since we all know flying is not as easy to finance with in as easy as counting fingers. Fixed wing, on the other hand (though still cost a lot) creates a greater goal for me. Without fixed-wing, I do not know if I may able to proceed with my Pilot dream.”

What was/is your greatest challenge as a Pilot?

“By far, the greatest challenge I had/still having is being an Instructor itself. I’ve been working both Ground and Flight Instructor for years. Apart from what they perceive about how chill it is being an Instructor, I always take stand that no flight days is easy.”

“Instructors do multi-task every flight days, not just in terms of organizing or managing our time for both ground and in-flight but most specially while carrying our students on board. While flight training, our senses should triple to quadruple its alertness and be most responsible with the aircraft and the student. It brings a lot of pressure to think that everything is in our hands.”

“The greater return of passing our knowledge to the students though is what he become in soonest time as a Pilot. An Instructor will always be proud of his/her students.
How did you become a Flight Instructor?

“It was not a plan actually. I’m not from a wealthy or well-off family but then I never stop and never gave up my Pilot dream. I was so determined; that one veteran Instructor during my time saw something in me which had helped me to be trained here and there. I know I need to build my hours, that’s why I feel so blessed that I get to pay staggered for my time build and additional ratings so forth. My love for teaching came in when I was really inspired by the one who cultivated me, which have led me to decide to follow him and be an Instructor also. Then after, I know I found my place. It’s actually fulfilling to share something to the students and seeing them more competent with the knowledge you passed on. It’s truly rewarding to see more than just a good Pilot in them, specially that we are part of their “from first solo to Airline flights”.

What do you love the most about it?

“I see myself in them when I was starting my hours (the students). I’m fitting my shoes into them every time they’re scared or excited. The motivating part about my job is seeing passion in the eyes of the students. They always inspire me. They sometimes have doubt on themselves and it’s really a privilege for me to become part of their Pilot starts. I feel so proud when one student conquered his/her fears especially when doing first solo flight. It’s a mutual feeling for aviators to encourage one another and it somehow gave me a gut of taking instruction more than just a job.”

“The environment of where I’m in is truly inspiring. No one can buy the bond we have both inside and outside Cheynair Aviation Hangar Facility. That’s the one I love the most.”

What’s Cheynair Aviation?

“A Family.  Well instinctively, it’s one of the best flying school I’ve known (no bias) for years. I’ve been to not just one Flying School but only Cheynair Aviation gave me sense of belonging. They care for the students, instructors, mechanics etc. in equal. The management also give credits to what the students are having and purely help them to achieve their dreams. They’re not making money on it but rather, producing most proficient pilots of the future per se.”

Any words to those who aspire to become one?

“Dream big. Study and keep on reading. There’s so much more to learn. No matter how much we know about flying or all else, a lot of room for knowledge is open still. Don’t let money problems drag you and put your dreams into nothing. If you’ve got the passion, always follow it. No matter how much we keep on bragging how life stops our dream, in the end it’s all up to us. We were given free will by God and it is all our choice; either you make it or break it. “

“One more thing, I know those who are interested have doubts whether they’ll make it or not. To advice, passion without perseverance is nothing and when you are stepping for flight; persevere, be determined, keep grounded and lastly HAVE FUN.”


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