Aviation has been dominated by males and considered as a Man’s field throughout the years. Continents worldwide have their own story to tell most especially on how different a woman is treated above all men. Decade after decade Gender inequality acknowledged that men and women are not equal and that gender affects an individual’s lived experience. These differences arise from distinctions in biology, psychology, and cultural norms. Some of these distinctions are empirically grounded while others appear to be socially constructed. (w)

Studies show the different lived experience of genders across many domains including education, life expectancy, personality, interests, family life, careers, and political affiliations. Gender inequality is experienced differently across cultures. Occupational segregation and discrimination have been rampant in most scenario way back.

As new era is about to open for equal opportunity both men and women, a brighter silver lining will be given also to Lady Pilots of the Industry. This signifies how Women of today’s society continue to surpass the limits of history. Women empowerment will to prevail. The term ” empowerment of women” refers to the process of providing power to https://www.pandorasale-uk.com/ to stand up against the control of the others and help them to leader a prosperous and a successful life (women.org).

Lady Pilots..

Cheynair Aviation in support to empowered women in the Industry tends to inspire and pursue more and more women to maneuver the yoke inside an Airline cockpit. The continuous encouragement and leveled aviation circumstances along with Men pilots proves that Gender inequality slowly melts down on its own. It makes a great experience to our Ladies and at the same time they are the living mark of the future aviatrix.

” The Aviation industry highly advocates women empowerment because it helps us to realize our strength.  Equal rights and privileges. It somehow tells us that even under pressure, being a Lady Pilot mirrors a woman who can surpass more than her capabilities.”

-Capt. Nicole Castro

Airline Management – Private Pilot

“A Woman having the rights she deserve and letting her voice be heard without reluctance, hesitation and biases (When asked about empowered women). Women now continue to erase the  inequality stigma of the general public and prove its place in the society”.

-Capt. Charie Anne Vosotros

Ground and Flight Instructor

“Being a Lady in world of flying is both a privilege and a challenge. You’re going to stand in field which crowds most male and make yourself excel that you as a Woman, can actually do what they do ; maneuver a wide-bodied Aircraft.”

-Capt. Ruby Pag-ong
Financial Management – Commercial Pilot

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